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Tile and Grout: Cleaning Surfaces Past What’s Evident

There are several reasons why you should dutifully clean areas in your home or business that have tile and grout. For instance, have you recognized the differences between the results you can experience after hiring a pro vs. a DIY job? You should consider hiring professionals to clean these areas when looking for a solution that surpasses typical results, and we can help with that!


Dirt, mold, and grime are three issues that are easy to see on tile and grout surfaces. Despite these issues being obvious, there are other issues that you consider. It could be understandable why professionals are needed if you look at the average cleaning journey.

Did you know that over 6000 bacteria per square inch are typically microscopically found on a bathroom’s faucet handle? Consider bacteria seen with a microscope on different surfaces, such as these:

Various Surfaces

  • Countertop in the bathroom - over 480 bacteria per square inch

  • Dish Towel- more than 407 bacteria per square inch

  • Near a drain in the kitchen sink - almost 18,000 bacteria per square inch

  • Near a drain in the bathtub -nearly 600,000 bacteria per square inch

These numbers are imperative if you consider cleaning tiles and grout in your home or commercial space as a DIY project. Professionals have the tools and products to help eliminate bacteria and germs when cleaning tiles and grout.

Average Cleaning Journey

Not knowing that cleaning can be a bigger job than expected, many individuals take the average tile and grout cleaning journey. The typical cleaning journey involves some well-known steps that may seem familiar. Consider the following cleaning journey.

The first step is noticing that your tiles and grout seem to be noticeably unclean and need some maintenance to appear with a brilliant luster. Secondly, many tools to clean the tiles and grout are purchased, gathered, and assembled for use. Generally, some of the tools needed for this cleaning project are sought-after at a big-box hardware store. They include a bathroom brush, common solvents or foams, cloths, and a reliable water source.

The third step involves turning the bottle around and the directions on the back of the solvent or the foaming product cans to ensure it is correctly used. Fourthly, the task of cleaning and scrubbing with gloves begins. Fifth, the areas are dry, and average results are apparent. A few weeks later, each cycle of cleaning the tile and grout areas commences again. However, you can skip these tedious steps by calling the pros.

Results By Calling The Pros

  • Brilliant Results

  • Conserve your cash

  • Save your time

  • Eliminate germs

  • Get cleared of numerous hazardous microorganisms

  • Eradicate mold

  • Experience better results overall

  • Experienced Professionals

Cleaning can be more taxing than expected for residential property residents and commercial building owners. When considering cleaning tiles and grout, it is best to immediately hire professionals with the skill sets and industry knowledge to complete this job. It may appear straightforward and fast to do it yourself as a vacation venture.

When hiring experienced pros, you can experience results that create a better home or commercial space for everyone who visits. Start by contacting us today to clean your tile and grout projects.

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